best free fire glitch for skin and weapon ( working 100%)

Free Fire glitch, easy and working 100%, Jewelry and housing, working on all devices and guaranteed. The easiest way to make your account great. And you have a super account like YouTubers. And an easy way to activate your Free Fire launcher.

Today I am going to talk about something that has become very popular in Free Fire. After the last update, first I will tell you what you will get in the free fire launch file: you will get everything you need from season one to season 39 after you. This is a fundamental change to your game file that allows you to access the skins and icons in the game. Changing the setting on the phone or emulator is relatively easy and does not take much time.

You can download the latest Free Fire firmware here, which was updated in May 2021. Getting all the skins and gems in Garena Free Fire can be very difficult and requires many hours of playing and charging. Some are locked behind a firewall, while many are timed exclusives which you can’t have anymore. As such, we now have the free fire crash file. It allows you to get all the skins and gems in the game absolutely for free!

This method is a basic modification of your game files that allows you to access the characters, clothes, and weapons in the game with those that are not. Installing the firmware on your phone or emulator is simple and does not take much time.

What is Free Fire glitch ?

best free fire glitch for skin and weapon 1
best free fire glitch for skin and weapon 1

It is a way for Free Fire players to get free skins and weapons in Garena Free Fire without using money. All you have to do is install a file and you will get all the skins you want.

This is a modification that will change the Free Fire image file and make your skins and characters look different in addition to the characters you used to have and you will see these changes but other players will not see them. You will be able to get any skins in Free Fire and even non-existent skins such as Spiderman, Batman, and Superman.

Not only skins, but you can also use any weapon you want from the in-game store even if you haven’t purchased it yet.

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How to download free fire glitch

If you want to download a free fire patch, it will not work alone, so you have to download a program called Z Archeiver, which is available on the Google Store.

  • First, in order to download the glitch file, you can search on Google by typing free fire glitch file. Or download it directly from the link: Download Glash Free Fire.
  • And in order to download the necessary program to install the launcher, you will go to the Google Store, or you can download it from the following link directly Z Archeiver .

Install free fire glitch

The installation method is very easy, all you have to do is follow these steps:

  • Download the file
  • Download Z Archeiver from Google Play Store and open it
  • Then go to the download folder
  • Then extract the file by clicking on the file once
  • Copy the file named com.dts.freefireth
  • Go to android then data
  • Paste the Com.dts.freefireth folder in Data and click on Paste All and then Replace.
  • Open the game and check that the old skins have changed for the better and that you have everything in the store.

Solve the problem of not installing the flash drive and working

If you follow the steps correctly and your launcher does not work, that is, nothing has changed in the game from skins and weapons. This is normal and due to the expiration of the download file with the advent of the new update for Free Fire. And it is not a problem for players who want to install the patch. All you have to do is wait a few days until we update the patch file, or you can search for it in the Google search engine.

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How to delete free fire glitch from the game

best free fire glitch for skin and weapon 2
best free fire glitch for skin and weapon 2

For players who want to go back to the original, unmodified version. Where all normal skins and weapons previously owned by the player are restored. All you have to do is follow these steps:

To remove the jailbreak package first, download the jailbreak free fire file from here ( the jailbreak file )
after downloading go to the downloads file
and then you need the name of the application Z Archeiver to decompress the file.
Next, click on a file and hit Extract it here.
After that go to the file and copy
copy the com.dts.freefireth file
and go to the Android folder and enter the
data file and paste the files there
and click on Forge all
and click replace
and then open the game to make sure that the game is back to its original version and all skins and weapons have changed to the normal form.

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