Garena free fire Battle Royale vs PUBG 2021

Grena Free Fire 2021: Shooting game. It is a random shooter game available on mobile. Land on a remote island with a lot of terrain for 10 minutes with 49 other competitor players. All of them are striving to survive. Each Free Fire player descends into the area of ​​his choice by jumping out of the plane with a parachute. They aim to stay in the safe zone for as long as possible. They drive vehicles to explore the vast map. Or hide in homes and land. Or become invisible by bending under weeds or crevices. Ambush, snipe and survive, there is only one goal in Free Fire: to survive and answer the call of your duty.

Garena free fire is a shooting game that is classified as a war mobile game that is loved by many people. Although there are many competitors for this game, such as PUBG. However, Free Fire has been loved by the masses because of its characteristics.

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Free Fire 2021 and Battle Royale

Grena 2021 is a Battle Royale game, like many other games such as PUBG, Fortnite, and many other games. Where many competitors are taken down according to the size of the map. The increase in the number of players is proportional to the expansion of the size of the island or the land in which the competition takes place.

Many competitors resort to using their hiding techniques, surprise attacks, and tactical plans to win over opponents. Where you find a lot of good players in sniping and hitting the bullets on the enemies. They are good skills, but you need to work together with the team to ensure victory.

Many players make a mistake in thinking that Battle Royale games such as Free Fireplay by getting off a plane, collecting weapons, then running randomly and fighting. On the contrary, it requires thought and patience. Weapons collection and sniping prowess may be essential. But what the game focuses on most is planning. Where when enemies are found, it is not necessary to attack by waiting and finding a way to fight them and win over them.

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How to become a strong free fire player

Like any other Battle Royale game, Free Fire needs to learn basic skills and refine the way to play to be a strong player in Free Fire, so whoever wants to become a better player should follow the following steps:

  1. From the basics, and even before you start playing, you have to adjust the game settings to suit the power of your mobile phone. High quality settings are not suitable for weak phones.
  2. Modification of how to control the buttons to suit the number of fingers you use in the game and to give you greater ease of control.
  3. Entering the servers and sections dedicated to training, to improve the AI ​​and sniping and learn how to control and move the player’s character. Spending a long time in training always gives great results.
  4. Watching professional players and YouTubers and learning their tactics and how they play is essential to becoming a strong player.

Which is better free fire or pubg mobile

The question always asked in social networking sites and discussions between players are always are who is the best game, Free Fire or PUBG Mobile?

Free Fire and PUBG Mobile are two games that belong to the same category. They are battle royale games for phones and can be downloaded to the computer as well, subject to conditions. But players always enter into discussions about who is the best between them, and this is normal. This is because each of them defends his favorite game. To answer this question, we have compared the most important characteristics of the two games:

free firepubg mobile
Battle royale game with great designBattle Royale game with a very good design
Rating 4.2 on Google PlayRating 4.3 on Google Play
Excellent and easy controlDifficult and complex control
It works on most phones easilyYou need a mid-range phone or more
Realistic game + great skins and additionsA realistic game with a few extras
Give players a lot of prizesNeed to spend game coins
Easy to play for all kinds of playersDifficult to master, it takes a lot of time

By comparing the two games on many important aspects, we find that Free Fire is ahead of PUBG Mobile in being a game available to all phones and all people can easily master it. It is a game that is characterized by its interest in players and their enjoyment of the game compared to PUBG, which must be charged to get the skins and decorated weapons. With this comparison, each game remains distinct and has its place among the rest of the games. They attract players according to their tastes and inclinations.

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