best Garena free fire settings ( 100% headshot)

Best Free Fire settings for professionalism. By changing the settings of the Free Fire game to the settings that the professionals play on to get the best control of the game and the best headshot.

The fact that professionalism in any game requires a lot of basics. Among these basics are the appropriate settings to control the Free Fire game in the best way. This is why a lot of Free Fire players are looking for settings that give them an improvement or progress in their way of playing, and more flexibility and comfort when playing. It is easy for them to control their character and face competitors and other players, as with these settings they can easily headshot the competitors, or at least control and avoid the strikes of others.

best Garena free fire settings 5
best Garena free fire settings 5

Experimenting with a lot of settings to get the best and most suitable ones takes a lot of time and plays a lot and wastes more energy. But when you follow the settings used by professionals and famous players, this shortens the time and gives the best choice in the control settings. And it enables players to advance and raise their level of play and compete with other players, even professional ones. And this is by using the settings of Free Fire Professional.

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Free fire settings and control sensitivity

best Garena free fire settings 3
best Garena free fire settings 3

The most important thing in Free Fire settings is sensitivity. And in order to know its connection to the settings and how to play, we must first know what the sensitivity is. Sensitivity is the speed of movement and control and the way to see enemies through the sight.

And the relationship between sensitivity and the way of playing is that the best sensitivity gives the easiest control of the game. But because the sensitivity is one of the game settings, other settings must be changed to also suit the way you play or the sensitivity value set. This is to ensure the best movement and the best shooting during the game, which enables the other players to compete and move quickly and make crazy moves during the game and what raises the level of the players.

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How to choose free fire settings

best Garena free fire settings 6
best Garena free fire settings 6

There are many ways to choose Free Fire settings. The difficult ones, which require a lot of time, are for the player in Free Fire to try out a lot of settings and change the sensitivity and the way to control the game by trying each setting separately. This takes a long time and may not reach the best settings that the player can use during the player.

There is an easy way that any Free Fire player can watch professional players and famous YouTubers play and display their settings to other players. Through these settings, it is possible to try what professionals use, and they are many in the Free Fire game, and may reach advanced and wonderful settings that allow better movement and play. But it is not possible to easily distinguish or combine what the players may see from the settings.

And what we did as we collected a lot of videos and watched how the professionals played in Free Fire. Let’s come out in the end with the best settings that suit the players. Which enables them to get a headshot easily and is the best among the settings, where we measured that gives the easiest control and the most wonderful moves that players can achieve through these settings.

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The perfect settings for Free Fire for professionalism

For players who want to change their settings to the best settings, follow the following steps, which we will show in the pictures and through stages:

1- First you have to open the free fire game and go to the settings

2- Change the settings according to the pictures and make sure that they are exactly the same

Free fire settings pictures:

Basic Settings: For those who have powerful phones, follow the settings in the picture. And those who have weak devices, all you have to do is set the basic settings to smooth or smooth.

best Garena free fire settings 1
best Garena free fire settings 1

Sensitivity settings: These settings are very important, as they are related to sensitivity. It must be set exactly as in the picture or as follows.

general / general: 100

red dot / red dot: 100

2x / scope x2 binoculars: 80

x4 / scopex4 scope : 70

AWM scope / sniper sight: 30

best Garena free fire settings 8
best Garena free fire settings 8

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