top 10 ways to Get Free Fire diamonds for free

Charging Free Fire diamonds for free with easy for beginners, step by step towards obtaining diamonds, do not miss the opportunity.

A lot of Free Fire players are looking for secured sites to charge Free Fire diamonds for free. This is due to the presence of a lot of false sites that focus on players and steal their counts. Or are they just fake sites that do not give or ship to anyone the diamonds. And from the end of our testing of all sites, I will show you the sites for shipping Free Fire Jewels for free 2021, which are 100% guaranteed.

What are the free fire diamonds shipping sites?

When we talk about diamonds shipping sites for the game Green Free Fire, we mean the real and 100% guaranteed sites. And we are not talking about sites that focus on players and steal their count.

Recharge sites are sites on the Internet that give Free Fire players free diamonds once on every occasion. This is done by following important steps to ensure that gifts are received. They are legal sites that aim to help players and make the Free Fire game closer by shipping gifts and diamonds to each count who uses these sites.

And the process of shipping diamonds is done by obtaining these legal sites to obtain the Count ID information of the player and then sending gifts. So that the player can spend it to get skins, dances and complete many other tasks.

These sites give gifts periodically according to the occasion. On New Year’s Day or on the anniversary of the game’s launch, every year you find a large number of diamonds distributed to players. On other occasions, some players may not get diamonds and gifts because they have been distributed.

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How to ship diamonds from websites for free 100%

The method of shipping diamonds is a very easy and 100% guaranteed way from legal websites to ship gems. All you have to do is follow the following steps and you will receive a lot of gems and gifts at the height of your Count.

  1. First, you have to enter the secured diamonds shipping sites that you will find below by clicking on the link.
  2. You can also search for website names on Google.
  3. When you enter the site, you will find a place dedicated to entering the ID information of the count you are using.
  4. Enter the information in the space provided and make sure it is correct.
  5. Click on send gifts or diamonds after completing the process of writing the ID.
  6. Open the game to make sure you receive the diamonds.
  7. If you do not receive the diamonds, repeat the process several times, or you can change to the next site.

Free Fire 2021 diamonds Shipping Sites 100% Tested and Guaranteed

The following sites we visited and verified their operation. And they are easy to use sites, all you have to do is follow the steps mentioned above.

The sites are gift distribution engines programmed by developers and programmers specialized in the game Free Fire.

Choose a site from the following sites and enter it to receive diamonds and gifts:

Free fire diamonds free shipping link diamondfreefire

Free Fire diamonds shipping link via the diamondfreefire website, which gives diamonds for free. The way to get diamonds from this site is very easy:

Enter the site from the link here . Then you have to choose Free Fire and you will find a place to enter your information and receive the diamonds.

Get Free Fire diamonds for free
Free fire diamonds free shipping link

Freefire diamonds jewels shipping site, this site is dedicated to distributing jewels, and the way to use it depends on the ID only.

All you have to do is go to the site from here . And write your ID and then choose the number of jewels you want. Thus, you will receive the diamonds after a short period of time.

If the process is not completed, all you have to do is repeat the process several times. Because of the great pressure on the site.

Free fire diamonds shipping site

Shipping site

A site that charges a lot of diamonds without limits to become like the rich players in Free Fire

All you have to do is go to the site from here

Enter your information and you will receive the jewelry. All you have to do is wait for a few hours.

Don’t send the jewelry too many times or you won’t get anything

free fire diamonds free

Free fire 999 999 diamonds

If you are looking for an infinite number of free fire diamonds , or in other words, free fire 999 999 diamonds, and this is in order to get very large numbers of diamonds, without giving in to you, let’s see what this site gives Free Fire jewels without end.

Steps to free free fire 999 999 diamonds:

1- First, you have to go to the free fire 999 999 diamonds website via this link:

2- Now you have to enter your username as shown in the picture

Free fire 999 999 diamonds

3- On the other hand, you have to choose the type of device on which Free Fire is located, whether it is Android or iPhone. You can charge Free Fire diamonds for free (free fire 999 999 diamonds) on both devices.

4- Now you have to choose the closest servers from the area in which you are located, usually you should choose a European server.

Free fire 999 999 diamonds

And now you have to choose the number of diamonds you want to ship on your Free Fire account, in the diamonds box, choose the number you want to charge and then go to the next page.

Free fire 999 999 diamonds

Now the site will connect to the server of your choice, and you have to wait for some time, and then the site will add another step in order to charge the Free Fire diamonds.

This was all about shipping free fire diamonds for free on the free fire 999 999 diamonds site.

free fire id jewels recharge site

Free Fire id diamonds shipping site, which is the same site that I explained to you above, which enables you to ship Free Fire jewels through your hands, and we also presented you with the topic earlier and you can refer to it for Learn how this site works.

What is the free fire diamonds shipping site by id for free?

Free Fire jewels charging site via id for free is a website that enables Free Fire players to charge Free Fire jewels, or what is known as the diamonds inside the game.

How do I get to the free fire id jewels recharge site

In order to access the Free Fire Jewels shipping site id, you must go to the topic of the Free Fire Jewels shipping link , in which we provided you with all the sites that ship Free Fire diamonds via the identifier in the game.

Free fire diamonds recharge program

Free fire diamonds recharge program

If you are looking for a free fire jewels free program, you should know that this program hacks the game and this is illegal.

For this, it is better for you to ship the diamonds of the Free Fire game through the shipping sites that we have provided to you above. And I never become using the Free Fire jewels charging program because most likely all Free Fire jewels charging programs will have viruses or will not work with you with the latest update of the game.

Will Lucky Patcher hack Free Fire game? Many of you may think that it is possible to hack the Free Fire game through the use of game hacking programs , but this is not true, because the game is protected by the anti-hack program inside it, so it needs a program stronger than Lucky Patcher.

How do I get the free fire jewels free program ? If you insist on using the Free Fire Jewels charging program, there is no problem, but I want to warn you that these programs are viruses, and when you install them on your mobile phone, you will hack it, but if you want to continue, there is no problem.

  1. You have to go to the Google website:
  2. Now you have to search for Free fire hack in the search box
  3. Choose one of the programs that seem to you reliable.

I can not help you with more than this, but before installing any application on your device, you must do the following steps

You have to make sure that these programs do not have any viruses, so check them first, and these are the steps that you must take:

  • Go to the VirusTotal website
  • Now, download the free fire jewels recharge program for free
  • In the results you will see if there are viruses in the program or not
Free Fire Jewels Recharge Program Checking Site for Free

If you have any questions about the Free Fire Jewels Shipping Program for free, you should go down in the comments box and ask your query, and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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Buy free fire diamonds with fake visa

One of the best ways that you can use to charge Free Fire diamonds is to use fake credit cards, or as you know it as a fake visa.

As you can charge diamonds using non-existent cards that are generated through the credit card generator and through this topic or paragraph we will see the steps that you must follow in order to charge Free Fire using credit cards. For more information on this topic, you can review the fake visa website .

Steps to charge Free Fire diamonds using a dummy visa:

1- Go to the credit card generation page

2- Click on the Credit Card Generator to create a fake visa

3- Now you have to copy the generated card

Free fire diamonds shipping via fake visa

4- Now you have to open the Free Fire game, go to the purchase of diamonds , and then choose the number of diamonds you want.

Note: It is better to choose a small amount of diamonds, because if you choose a very large amount, this method may not work for you.

5- In the credit card field, enter the fake visa card numbers that you generated earlier.

6- Now create your purchase

This method will work for you in many cases, but you should know that you should choose a small amount of diamonds and do not be greedy.

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Free Free Fire Jewels Shipping without a phone number

Charging Free Fire jewels for free without a phone number. This is very easy and you do not need a phone number in order to add some of the jewels to your account on the Free Fire game, whether on Android, on the iPhone, or even on the emulator that works on the computer.

You need the phone number in one case, which is when you add Free Fire jewels from an unreliable source, and even if there is a necessity in order to use the phone number, there is no problem because you can then use a fake number in order to receive the activation and thus you have shipped jewels Free fire without phone number.

In this case, you can use the website, which gives you a free phone number to activate in Free Fire.

Free Free Fire Jewels Shipping without a phone number

Answering some common questions:

How to ship free fire diamonds  for free? :

How to ship Free Fire diamonds for free is not as impossible as you think because we have provided you above with the most prominent and most famous methods that can be used in order to ship Free Fire diamonds , so you should review the topic above.

Download free fire hacked game from Mediafire Jewels ? :

Downloading a hacked Free Fire game is a very dangerous matter because you will download and install something that you do not know where it came from and you do not know who published this version, but it is true that there are many copies of Free Fire, but at the same time these copies may carry viruses and that is why you will not I give you a link to download the hacked Free Fire game from Mediafire.

how to get free fire diamonds

In order to get Free Fire diamonds , you can open the game and go to the store and choose to buy a Free Fire neighbour, and there you can use a credit card or Paypal to ship the diamonds , it’s very easy!.


At the end of this topic, I want to tell you that shipping Free Fire diamonds is not impossible or very difficult as you think. We have discussed in this topic many, many different ways that most cheats use in the Free Fire game, who hack the game and ship diamonds for free.

And if you are one of the people who hack Free Fire and charge diamonds for free, please tell us the method that you use in the comments place so that we can add them in this topic.


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