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Garena Free Fire code reward redemption site is a site developed by Free Fire for all players who play the Free Fire game, in order to give them some gifts represented in diamonds and rewards.

This is from the generosity of Grena Company in order to motivate players to play more and enjoy the game more and also for players who do not get a lot of jewels and gifts during the game, and this is the reason that Free Fire is one of the best games that care for its players and what They want to get it, taking into account the importance of their enjoyment of the game. We will show you how to replace the code on the Free Fire code exchange site

How to get permanent rewards, skins and diamonds

Free Fire has provided many skins, jewels and attractive items to its users. So players always want to have it, but in the game, they have to spend money to buy it. But the code exchange site is the best way to get it for free. More than three different ways you can get free fire gems and other rewards as below:

Kodashop Jarido
In-Game Top up
Free Fire OB29 Update, 4th Anniversary Rewards, start date, event name and schedule, and more information to be updated here soon. The Garina server is open on July 22 and is only activated from the official website. Players can get the Blue Phoenix bundle from Wheel of Fortune offers at a 50% discount. The OB29 update was released this week to . They will get many free rewards after the update

Steps to use the code on the official Free Fire redemption site

1 . First Step: You must visit the official website of Grena dedicated to getting gifts from here (the official website)

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2 . The second step: Click on the site connected to the Free Fire account, such as Facebook and Google, and then enter the data for your account

3 . Third step: The page will appear for you where you will enter the code that will give you gifts, and after making sure that you have entered the correct code, click on Done and the gift will be sent to your account.

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Important notes to ensure the use of the code:

  1. You must enter the correct code consisting of 12 English letters and numbers.
  2. Enter the correct account information, otherwise you will not receive anything.
  3. Do not use the code for several times or it will be cancelled.
  4. You must hurry to use the codes before they expire.

New codes for rewards:

  • scar titan code
  • 9G0A-B7FQ-RANC
  • blue housing code
  • JI6S-7ETR-0A6C
  • Black sweater skin code
  • Code all for carnations
  • E3SR-33FI-XHV3
  • pink shorts code
  • 5K3C-J3HE-CC8N
  • red criminal code
  • 5PYU-88DC-53NS
  • rapper incubator code
  • pink shorts code
  • MS6H-DTKJ-KQ53
  • samurai code (devil)
  • CRYC-533G-YBLJ
  • brazilian pants code
  • 6LY2-4F9A-L7T7
  • Palm dance code and Traxion Bomborh Throne dance
  • PR98-2XSG-UX9R
  • 2000 gems code
  • 2VHT-LGGS-2Q7P
  • your palm dance code
  • H833-JWTD-FHFS
  • halloween home code
  • TZKZ-U7M9-EH78
  • white shirt code
  • VNH8-HA4C-HGU5

Different Free Fire codes

Here we offer you a set of different Free Fire codes that include a lot of various rewards, which contain gems, skins and weapons. These codes are collected through what Free Fire gives to players, and that is periodically and during events. And this is the group:

  • “HDZ9SL2DEDP8”
  • “4KL35L45L8U5”
  • “4J875GBRFKAL”
  • “CMFL3LP7FM3L”
  • “U9LCPZG79QMF”
  • “8P6CJ7QD2EL4”
  • “D5BJZ6WP9CA2”
  • “WZG6KC36ZMDY”
  • “MUUJNA7437NU”
  • “LPK28MNGC9AD”
  • “5RVML6M2UKUJ”
  • “FF7ANE7MR6LY”
  • “895BK3TX7PLC”
  • “TE6E6MZM7LKC”
  • “A37W57N7QL9L”
  • “K58KDAGY8KR5”
  • “EV8ZRFNZ7U4E”
  • “ZGB4L4LZJ7J6”
  • “R3FX4YSLJLY9”
  • “AC78GKFSU74M”
  • “YJ6XUN4NZ47J”
  • “H5C7EYVJY8DG”
  • “JYZXC59SLGJ2”
  • “T5FK62RCGF8F”
  • “5GJSDNQ77VHU”
  • “HW7FX4D8K5VQ”

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Notice :

We hope that we have helped Free Fire players to obtain gifts offered by Grena, by displaying exclusive codes to obtain gems and skins in the game. New players, and for any news about free fire codes, gifts and gems in Free Fire, stay connected to Free Fire Arabia and it will be in your good faith.


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