Top 5 ways to get the best Free Fire dances

The most famous Free Fire dances, such as the legendary throne dance, are all dances that can be obtained through multiple and very easy ways, as there is no sense in the Free Fire account, no matter what it contains skins and weapons and does not contain wonderful dances.

Free Fire is one of the most popular games available for the mobile phone that can be played on the computer as well, and the number of downloads from the Play Store reaches millions of downloads. All the players of this game, especially the famous and the rich among them, have the largest group of different Free Fire dances that they boast about in front of other players, and these dances are what makes their accounts wonderful because using any dance after beating one of the competitors makes it one of the most wonderful shots.

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The names of the most wonderful Free Fire dances 2021

There are many wonderful dances, which are also called legendary, and the most famous of them are:

  • The story of the heart Free Fire
  • pirate dance
  • Free fire money dance
  • high fire dance
  • lol dance
  • Throne dance
  • dancing with the dog

How to get free fire dances

Using Free Fire codes

Many of the dances on Free Fire, which have codes given by Free Fire company on every occasion and periodically, which codes include wonderful dances, including the regular ones, and one of the easiest ways to get the dances is to use the codes through the site using the codes, so the player can get the dances he loves This is done through the following codes:

  • PVPR AG7M C6U3
  • 5TFX 2ZTA MSC7
  • RELH 965N UW2N
  • XX7W FB7M 78Q2
  • V2MN Y7LU 3X69
  • 6VN8 VTZJ WC28
  • RBMD BA65 92UV
  • Z3XY QMRW 7W8Z
  • E559 TQJV SLHT
  • PQQN 5VBU 5239
  • A4PX LLHF Y454
  • 43EX PNK5 RVX9
  • S395 GQRA HAEP
  • LVHG F698 A7MP
  • NCGS J8N7 L8DE
  • PXHE 4ZWW 2E28
  • RS79 GNNY 8N22
  • E9CK 2Z3Y YL7R
  • 9GP5 T8GE F8UQ
  • X9B7 5CCA W4VC
  • TGEF 46LU 9YDU
  • VJN5 C3AA V28U
  • 5QA4 TSDY 9DE6
  • KUTU A26D NTV8

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Through a server (server) free fire advance

how to get free fire dances
how to get free fire dances

One of the most powerful servers that Free Fire puts, which is a free fire advance server, in this server, you can get any dance with one gem (1 gem), and also one of its advantages is that you will get 500 gems for free through the first registration as each player registers for the first time In this server, he will get a lot of advantages, which are free gems, and he can also buy any dance, housing or weapons with only one gem, and you can also win a lot of gems in this server where you only do some of the tasks that the game or server asks you to do and you will be rewarded with a lot of gems.

By air drop

how to get free fire dances
how to get free fire dances

In the Free Fire game, there is an advantage, which is the airdrop, and also this airdrop is characterized by the fact that you can get from it three dances and 100 gems, and it is one of the best ways to get the dances, all you have to get this airdrop is that you spend ten hours from the player And you will get it from Free Fire or you can buy it by shipping and its value is 0.15 dollars.

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using vpn

The way to use the VPN to get the dances, which is a common method and is considered a method or trick that many players use to get the dances, by downloading the VPN program located on the Google store, all you have to do is choose one of the VPN programs that are found in the store and when you open the program before accessing To the game Free Fire. Choose one of the countries’ servers in this program. You used to go to a server in Germany or a server in Brazil or America or any of the options available in the program, and when you open the game after connecting to one of the servers in other countries, you will have a lot of options that give you free dances and gems because Free Fire gives specific options for each country and you can change Countries are constantly getting dances.

Via Free Fire dance generator

It is one of the methods and ways that enable you to get the dances, and it was working when the Free Fire game was released, but now it does not give you many or some of the dances or is an occupation. On the dances, it displays the player’s account for gum, and it is better to use other methods

Via Free Fire Partner

Dances and a lot of skins can be obtained by being a Free Fire partner, and the people who can become Free Fire partners are only YouTubers and famous players. To contact the Free Fire company through their official website to get the Free Fire partner feature, to get gems, skins, and dancers for free.

Conclusion :

These are the most ways to get the dances in the game Free Fire, and through our instructions to you, dear readers, you can choose the best way to get the dances, and we advise you to stay away from the ones we taught you that they are suspicious ways, all you have to do is follow the methods at the top of the topic

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